Pourquoi j’aime Flickr ? Ordea

Un pseudo simple, par des milliards de photos, mais que des photos belles, peu d’infos sur elle, mais en tous cas cette fille sait très bien se prendre en photo. A retrouver sur Flickr, et sur les photos ci-dessous.

Six de plus sur « Lire la suite » :).

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  1. alex

    Trés trés jolies photos !
    Trés sensuelle, trés artistique
    J’aime trés beaucoup..

  2. Tu exagères, il y a de très belles photos, effectivement artistiques et sensuelles, comme disais alex.

  3. Hello my friends!
    I really enjoy see my photos here, and your comments made me so happy!
    Including Paul’s comments.
    Actualy i would like to say – to Paul- I’m learning photography and this flickr is part of my master degree and i’m not interested in make fashion photos or use perfect technics, and about framing… we choose things we like, we make frame of life every time, this is my way to see the world, if you dont like, i repect you, but i think when u show something for somebody we’d like to hear coments that improve our soul to make things better, photos, comments, etc…
    By the way… i’m learning french, red this was easy but to wwrite… some lessons more!

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